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Ventura Aikido

We are offering daily classes in Aikido, self-defense, and Aikido weapons.

All the classes are mixed, and everyone is welcomed to join at any time.

Learning Aikido offers the following benefits: better mental and physical health, stress reduction, self-confidence, endurance and martial art's skills. Aikido forges the mind and the body.


Mastering Excellence with Elegance!

Aikido is a martial art, and it is called "the art of Peace". The principle is to resolve a conflict before it starts.

"Your mind is your real shield."-Morihei Ueshiba


Aikido is also about community, volunteering, teamwork, friendship and sharing our different cultures.

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Volunteering and raising money for the community.



Ventura Aikido LLC

2660 E. Main Street,

Ste 202

Ventura, CA 93003

Tel: (805) 798-4018

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