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The founder, Morihei Ueshiba, O Sensei was born, at the end of the Samurai era, on December 14th, 1883. During this period, most young men had to learn martial arts to defend and protect their country. The Budo code, the warrior’s code, signified to fight with honor until death. Morihei Ueshiba discovered that war was not the solution to resolve the issues of the world. He then redefined and challenged the Budo code through Aikido, the art of peace.

The first character “Ai” means: Love, unity and harmony.

The 2nd character “Ki” translates to: life force, nature energy.

The third character “Do” means: path, way.


Today, our goal is to preserve the fundamentals of Aikido as they are presented by the family of Ueshiba.

"There are many fundamental katas in Aikido and it is essential to preserve them otherwise, in 100 years, Aikido will cease to exist."-Christian Tissier Shihan.

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