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Standing Bows

In our previous post, we discuss proper seating bows. This post discusses standing bows. In Japan, it is very common to bow when you are greeting someone.

People greet each other at work or other social places. Japanese people understand their position in their company and they bow based on that status. A respectful employee will bow lower than his or her employer.

The picture shows different Bowing angles and the spine is always straight.

In martial arts, we usually bow before entering or leaving the dojo, entering or leaving the mat before practicing a paired exercise or sparring and at the end of a practice.

It is usually respectful, and a sign of modesty for students to bow at the same level despite their belt ranks. We believe that an advanced student should always support a beginner to grow and feel comfortable.

Etiquette is very important because it sets the tone of the practice. If a student follows all protocols it cultivates the presence of mind. The presence of mind is very important in martial arts because it shows that the student is focused and attentive. It is a very important concept in Budo, presence of mind can be equated to "no openings". The student is protected and ready.

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