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Aikido is quite simple.

I have observed that sometimes people think that Aikido is exceedingly difficult to learn. For some students, they feel awkward after the first few classes because they do not get it. There is a little secret that I would like to share and that is, there is nothing to get.

Aikido is quite simple.

Most of us, when we were children, roll forward and backward, sometimes, for the daredevils like me, we will do flips over the water or in gym class. As we are getting older, things change, we are afraid to get hurt.

That fear is what is stopping us from moving forward, we just need to be more cautious, take more time, and listen to the instructor.

Aikido is quite simple.

Anyone can learn how to roll but the steps might be different based on the beginner’s age but for any beginner, I have a number one rule, and everyone must follow it, so no one gets hurt. We all start at step number one.

Aikido is quite simple.

Students are thinking too much, so they have difficulties with their footwork. We all walk with one foot in front of the other without any conscious effort. It is very much the same with aikido, we must have one foot in front of the other.

Aikido is quite simple.

Beginners have difficulties grabbing their partner. We all have doors that we open and close every day. We must grab the doorknob to open it or close it. When we are performing that exact action, we usually do not think about it.

It is the same with aikido; we grab our partner the same way we grab the doorknob.

Please, think about how you walk and how you open a door. By reviewing those first steps, you will find it easier to follow in your aikido class.

We have to keep things simple and organic if we want to create muscle memories and allow our body, or our reflexes to respond to an eventual attack. This is the basic of self-defense.

Aikido is quite simple, but proficiency only comes with practice. Please, don't think too much!


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