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Choosing a martial art

It is extremely challenging to find the right fit, the right teacher with the right schedule. We want things to be right. I understand that life is busy. People must find what works for them. Today, there are many martial arts to choose from, so do we choose based on what fits our schedule? 

Choosing a martial art is difficult so it is important to figure out what to look for first. 

Do you want to be part of a community?  

Do you want to get a good workout after work? 

Do you want to get stronger and better yourself? 

Aikido provides all the above: a sense of community, and a good workout. It will make you stronger mentally and physically. 

Becoming stronger mentally and physically should be the number one priority at the beginning.


Martial artist’s number one priority should be to stay on their feet and to be able to get up as fast as possible if it is needed to face adversity. It is important to note, and it is indisputable that the only survivors on the battlefield, in world history, were the ones who were still standing. Samurais in Japan, knights in Europe, and Brazilian's heroes such as Zumbi dos Palmares, Brazil’s greatest warrior figure, who led a massive slave resistance in the 1600s, they all fought on their feet. 

It is only by being on our feet that we can fight life’s adversities. 


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