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The Benefits of Earthing: Grounding Yourself for Better Health and training.

In California, Earthing is very popular, and Californians are enjoying the beaches and the mountains where they have the opportunities to constantly resource themselves.

We often explore technologies that can enhance our aikido training, such as going to the gym, lifting weights on sophisticated equipment, running on treadmills, or using elliptical machines. These are excellent options when no alternatives are available to complete our training.

I've discovered that earthing, also known as grounding, which involves connecting with nature, offers additional health and spiritual benefits.

Numerous studies indicate that earthing can decrease inflammation and improve immunity, as well as alleviate stress. Walking in nature often leaves one feeling rejuvenated and invigorated.

O'Sensei, came from a family of farmers, and he valued nature's essentials like food and shelter. The quote "Nature is our Dojo" suggests that he viewed nature as the perfect setting for practicing martial arts and Aikido.

Picture and comment from the book "Budo"

The image of O'Sensei, on the cover of the book "Budo," touching a tree is an illustration of earthing. He channels the tree's energy, establishing both physical and spiritual grounding. Similarly, farming serves as a means of grounding and staying connected to nature.

While training in the dojo is vital, I believe that training in nature is what truly completes it.

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