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What should I expect on my first day of aikido training? 

Entering the real of martial arts, Aikido, can be intimidating but don't worry, we are here to welcome you.

For the first class, I usually suggest wearing comfortable clothes and bring a bottle of water.

The beginner's class starts with a warm-up for about 10-15 minutes including stretches, light body exercises and then we roll into the next stages of the class and that might include footwork, grabs and more...

The class should not be stressful mentally or physically. Personally, doing aikido relaxes me after a long day at the office and it has all the conditions to reduce stress. It feels good to move the body for one hour or more.

If during the class, the student needs to take a break, it is perfectly fine. Your safety is our priority.

After class, drinking water is very important and rest. When starting a new training regimen, it is normal to feel a little sore afterwards.


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