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Do it yourself!

We all love to be served: we have someone washing our cars, we have someone cooking for us, we have someone doing our garden, cleaning our house, cleaning our windows. That is wonderful!

But about taking care of your mental and physical health you really have to do it yourself!

Aikido can help you to improve your health and to feel more confident.

How does Aikido improve my health?

During class, we are using every muscles in our bodies including the heart. Exercises and other physical activities help to increase circulation and improve the health of the heart.

It is important to note that moderation is essential to prevent injuries.

Overtime, you might want to make some nutritional diet changes to improve your performance and the quality of your training.

For exemple: eating french fries everyday will make you sluggish and it might not give you the proper nutrients to train and/or to think clearly. The brain also needs good nutrients to function appropriately.

How does Aikido improve my confidence?

I am not going to teach tricks so you can be confident. NO! As your health improve, you will become physically stronger so you can push yourself further. If you are scared to do a roll and after a while you can do it safely then you will have conquered that fear and you will be proud of your accomplishment.

Conquering the most miniscule fears adds up and they are confidence building blocks. It is important to note that what appears to be minuscule to someone might appear huge to someone else. We all have different perceptions of the world. Confidence doesn't mean that we are fostering arrogance. We have to differentiate the two. Arrogance is not acceptable!!

So someone might use aikido to improve themselves and work on changing their character flaws as well.

Our training, at Ventura Aikido, focuses on the individual and it is not an aikido cookie cutter curriculum. Different paths can still lead to the same benefits.

Aikido is a path to restore, and improve your physical and mental health.

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