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Ventura Aikido, LLC is open to serve the Ventura Community. Currently, we are offering classes at Memorial Park. It is just the best spot in Ventura with a beautiful view of the ocean.

I often talk about mental and physical challenges. From my personal experience, martial arts have provided me with a mindset to surmount my personal challenges. Yes, life is challenging and we all have a history and the challenges often start at a very young age.

You might be thinking how is it going to help me?

Our practice is based on self-development and the teachings will guide you in the right direction (or not).

Aikido and our many activities can be a challenge and it takes time to develop the correct skills.

A student will learn how to breathe, to focus, develop self-confidence and live a healthy lifestyle.

It is important to be clear that we are not offering a group therapy but it is alright to have a group discussion.

All classes are focused on developing martial arts skills and it is up to students to use the information provided in a different context. It is always possible to ask questions at the end of the class.

Together, we build a path to success.

The practice of aikido, qi gong and Aiki Shin Taiso offer fundamentals to live a healthy lifestyle.

Please, remember that stress caused by school, family or work doesn't go away because we are practicing Aikido. However we learn tools that might be useful to better respond to those stressors.

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