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Why do you want to learn AIKIDO?

Two students testimonials published in the magazine phosphore in France provide an insight about why students are studying aikido.

Louise:"Because Aikido is a beautiful and soft practice. I have the impression to perform Combat choreographies. I love the fact that I am small and petite and I can throw a bigger person..."

Valentin: "To be more focused in school, and more calm with my family. With Aikido, we learn self-defense by using the partner's force and our actions are non-violent.

Furthermore, the performance of techniques can be very elegant..."

Aikido offers many benefits:

  • Self-confidence

  • More focused at school

  • More focused at work

  • Calmer

  • Stress reduction

  • How to respond to verbal aggression

  • How to respond to physical aggression

  • Strengthen the body

  • Improve cognitive functions.

Aikido is not about fighting, it is about self-improvement to become a better human being. We are not perfect so every day we should review our past and recent actions and reevaluate to see if something better could have been done.

Compassion, honesty and sincerity are some of the core values of Aikido.

Always do your best!

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