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Why do I do Aikido?

I was looking recently at Arnold Schwarzenegger's motivation video on why he goes to the gym everyday and I found that it is the same for us, aikidoka.

Why do I do Aikido?

"For same reasons, I had breakfast today, yesterday."

"I had breakfast 5 years ago, 10 years ago!"

"I am having breakfast everyday!"

"Why am I still sleeping?"

"I slept last night, 5 years, 10 years ago and I am still sleeping every night!"

"It is rooted on who you are!"

"Training is part of my life!"-Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I feel the same about Aikido, and after so many years of training, I am still practicing everyday as it is rooted on who I am.

Aikido helps me to stay in shape. It reduces my stress and it gives me self-confidence. it is a lifestyle that gives me a direction and balance in my life.


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